5G, WiFi 6, CBRS

Knowing the differences in these next generation wireless technologies is critical to making the best choice for your network.

Mobilize Your Workforce and Get Your Business Moving

Today’s mobile workforce wants to be free of wires so they can do business everywhere. An all-wireless workplace enables communications anywhere. It supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with secure and reliable performance, transforming your business into an efficient workplace.

Instead of spending more and more money to expand their wired networks, many of our customers have invested in an all-wireless workplace and enjoyed unprecedented savings.

IoT4Net can consult, provide, build, manage and monetize the correctly selected and engineered wireless solution for you. These solutions are Next Generation Wireless. 

Create An All-Wireless Workplace, Boost Productivity, Save Big Bucks

Leverage your best engineered wireless solution to include any one or combination of these Next Generation Wireless technologies!

5G Evolution

5G – the carrier-based wireless for your cell phones, the carriers, wireless ISPs, mobile network operators. It is being installed now in major cities across the country by the carriers.With the goal to run at speeds 100 times faster than 4G, providing better performance to mobile workers and the enterprise.

But be prepared, 5G is a much weaker signal than 4G and it travels a much shorter distance. Its ability to penetrate buildings is greatly less than 4G. As a result, in building 5G coverage with your carrier provided cell phone will be weaker to nonexistent.

WiFi 6 

Wi-Fi 6 – for limited area inbuilding and outdoor common area coverage solutions. Private and public venues with Wi-Fi 6 will experience greatly improved performance over all previous generations.

Your old Wi-Fi will not come close in performance! Wi-Fi 6 will deliver new applications that were not even possible before.

CBRS - OnGo Wireless Coverage

CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service, also known as OnGo), is an extension of LTE that offers a new band of available and presently underutilized spectrum for more powerful indoor and outdoor private and public venue networks.

With more security, better coverage area, and allows multiple 5G carrier phones to work seamlessly over this network where the 5G carrier coverage is poor. Multiple wireless carriers can have their traffic delivered over a single CBRS network. This is called NHP (Neutral Host Provider)

Industry Trends

The Next Generation Wireless and IoT Revolution

Planning your wireless

Your Next Generation Wireless network is much more advanced offering new market driven advantages and capabilities compared to legacy Wi-Fi and 4G networks.

Explore the Next Generation Wireless solutions that are engineered to meet your service, quality and financial requirements.


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report efficiency improvements

*Inc, 9 March 2018

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