Monetizing Digital Communities

Building the Smart COMMunities of tomorrow, today.

Digital communities can generate $2.3 trillion globally through 2024.

That’s a lot of digital value at stake. Take a look at the 9 areas driving cost savings, efficiencies, and revenue generation—and see how they all add up.

Smart Cities

Smart City projects can increase citizen satisfaction and economic development, as well as improve safety and sustainability.  Citizens can benefit from lifestyle offers that add incremental value to their daily lives. There has never been a better time for city planners to consider smart city initiatives as a path to positioning their city as a destination for digitally-savvy consumers.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings mean smart business. The era of buildings that don't provide personalized value and security is rapidly coming to an end. Improve employee and occupant satisfaction with smart solutions that increase productivity and comfort within a space.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing a new breed of smart technologies for buildings that can closely align with advances in mobility and smart phones to greatly enhance occupant experiences and add to building monetization .

Connected Campus

Make your school or university safer and smarter. Increase efficiency, save money, and improve experiences for students and staff. Cisco Connected Campus provides extensive network analytics so that you can make data-driven decisions. With smart-campus technologies managing facilities, lighting, parking, and transportation is more intelligent than ever.

Digitize your campus and drive efficiency.  Save resources and optimize tasks by making your campus smarter and more sustainable.  Greatly improve student experiences, recruitment, and retention. 

Mixed-Use Innovation Districts

Cities, real estate developers, utilities and technology companies are beginning to come together strategically to collectively define their smart community goals, share business models and high-impact projects to create innovative, integrated and transformational communities.

These 'Mixed-use Innovation Districts' (MIDs) generally include a rich mosaic of live-work-play facilities anchored by high-density residential housing. They are walkable communities infused with human-centric technology to drive economic development, improve sustainability, increase resiliency and enhance overall quality of life.

Smart Communites In Focus 

Spotlight: Kansas City, MO

This summary focuses on specific opportunities where communities and electric companies can collaborate to make communities smarter, including projects that advance: Smart Street Lighting, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, Distributed Energy Resources, and Data Analytics and Intelligent Services.

Kansas City’s smart community effort is aided through its partnerships with Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L), Bridj, Cisco, Exergonix, Ford, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Kansas City Streetcar Authority, Sensity, Sprint, and Xaqt.

Accelerate your path to a digital community.

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