For immediate release
Dec 17, 2018

IoT4Net Joins CBRS Alliance

IoT4Net now an advisory member with the CBRS Alliance. CBRS Alliance – including founding companies include Google, Qualcomm, Ruckus Networks, Intel, Federated Wireless, and Ericsson Inc. as well as the nation’s largest mobile carriers – have collaborated to evangelize LTE-based technology, use cases, and business opportunities. The FCC’s creation of the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) shared spectrum model and the subsequent definition of CBRS capable products and services as undertaken by the CBRS Alliance will in many cases require the establishment of new business models to enable these capabilities to be successfully brought to market. The charter of the Business WG of the CBRS Alliance is to address business issues related to deploying LTE equipment in the CBRS band. Our primary goal is to foster the exchange of ideas necessary to define the necessary business models for networks deployed in this band. The group will work to identify common use cases and deployment models, define common business frameworks, and develop and encourage the use of standardized business models and agreements to enable the broader ecosystem. The Business WG will work to generate whitepapers, spreadsheet models, and other necessary outputs as may be determined necessary to achieve the overall objectives.

CBRS BWG Members Include:

Youssef Abdelilah, American Tower Corporation
Rashid Bhatti, Casa Systems Inc.
John Graybeal, Cisco Systems
Rashid Bhatti Commscope
Stephen Rayment, Ericsson, Inc.
Gennine Sullivan GE Ventures
Preston Marshall Google Access
David Vadasz Google Access
Rajiv Porayath, Nokia
Patrik Lundqvist, Qualcomm
Joel Lindholm, Ruckus Networks, an Arris Company
Roger Snyder IoT4Net Inc.