About Roger Snyder

Roger Snyder has been President and CEO of Iot4NetWorx since 1991. Through his leadership, the company has managed critical IT services for single customers operating in excess of 400,000 desktop users and with over 1,000,000 end points serviced in US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Western Europe. Roger is taking an active advisory role with the CBRS Alliance, working with global leading manufacturers of wireless technology and assisting with Best in Class development of managed services, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions. He has possessed security clearances with the Department of Defense and agencies of the US government and is an expert in Six Sigma.

Building Networks and Data Services – Why You Need 5G

2019-11-16T18:05:50+00:00Internet of Things (IoT), Smart COMMunities|

Building Networks and Data Services – Why You Need 5G The Influence of 5G Technology The applications and benefits of wireless technology are reaching far beyond having the best mobile phone. With the emergence of 5G, everything from self-driving cars to virtual reality experiences will be able to achieve their true potential. In fact, 5G wireless technology will be an [...]

CBRS Ribbon Cutting for IoT4Net with FCC Commissioner Mike O’Reilly


For immediate release August 5th, 2019 Ribbon Cutting for IoT4Net CBRS Wireless Launch Event in Washington, DC FCC Commissioner Mike O’Reilly to Officiate Historic IoT4Net CBRS Launch Event in Washington, D.C Sept 18th, 2019 Little Rock, Arkansas – IoT4Net Inc., a Little Rock, Arkansas based company and member of the wireless industry think tank CBRS Alliance, will be participating in [...]

IoT4Net Obtains Ruckus Elite Managed Service Provider #1


For immediate release May 16, 2019 IoT4Net Obtains Ruckus Elite Managed Service Provider #1 IoT4Net received notice today that Ruckus has designated IoT4Net as an Elite Managed Service Provider MSP. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) Specialization recognizes partners with expertise in delivering and managing services based on Ruckus solutions. As an MSP, Iot4Net will make available to clients its complete [...]

IoT4Net invited to become member of NSC


For immediate release May 1, 2019. IoT4Net invited by Deputy Director of IT for DoD to become member of NSC. Frederick Moorefield, Deputy Director for IT for DoD has invited IoT4Net Inc for exclusive membership with The National Spectrum Consortium. Roger Snyder, president IoT4Net said, “We are grateful for the consideration of IoT4Net for NSC membership by Mr. Moorefield and [...]

IoT4Net Joins Deployment and Operations Task Group


For immediate release Jan 28, 2019. IoT4Net Joins Deployment and Operations Task Group with CBRS Alliance CBRS Alliance is finally developing commercial deployments in the 3.5 GHZ Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. The CBRS Alliance OnGo, the trade association has created a new task group dedicated to deployment and operations. The new task group, co-chaired by American Tower’s Piyush [...]

Signet6 Announces Company Name Change to IoT4Net


For immediate release Jan 18, 2019. Signet6 Announces Company Name Change to IoT4Net Little Rock, Arkansas – Signet6 Inc., a Delaware corporation established in 1991, and an IT managed services provider for wireless, hosted and premise-based IT and application infrastructure, announces its corporate name change to IoT4Net Inc., effective January 18th, 2019. The company’s headquarters will remain in Little Rock, [...]

IoT4Net Joins CBRS Alliance


For immediate release Dec 17, 2018 IoT4Net Joins CBRS Alliance IoT4Net Inc.is now an advisory member with the CBRS Alliance. CBRS Alliance – including founding companies include Google, Qualcomm, Ruckus Networks, Intel, Federated Wireless, and Ericsson Inc. as well as the nation’s largest mobile carriers – have collaborated to evangelize LTE-based technology, use cases, and business opportunities. The FCC’s creation [...]

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