Building Networks and Data Services – Why You Need 5G

2019-11-16T18:05:50+00:00Internet of Things (IoT), Smart COMMunities|

Building Networks and Data Services – Why You Need 5G The Influence of 5G Technology The applications and benefits of wireless technology are reaching far beyond having the best mobile phone. With the emergence of 5G, everything from self-driving cars to virtual reality experiences will be able to achieve their true potential. In fact, 5G wireless technology will be an [...]

Improve Medical Outcomes with IoMT

2019-04-28T14:55:37+00:00Internet of Things (IoT)|

Widespread technology adoption is changing how medicine works, from healthcare techniques to the patient user experience. Sometimes it seems as though healthcare has improved little from our parents' day: We still encounter long waits to see a doctor, short appointments, incessant testing, and ennui that leads to patients who feel uninvolved with their own care. But the latest generation of [...]

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