For immediate release
May 1, 2019.

IoT4Net invited by Deputy Director of IT for DoD to become member of NSC.

Frederick Moorefield, Deputy Director for IT for DoD has invited IoT4Net Inc for exclusive membership with The National Spectrum Consortium. Roger Snyder, president IoT4Net said, “We are grateful for the consideration of IoT4Net for NSC membership by Mr. Moorefield and the DoD. This collaboration with the DoD and industry leadership in New Generation wireless will drive our continued development of best service and engineering practices for our Federal, Local and State, Military, and commercial applications. “ The NSC is the result of an invitation by the Government to form a consortium comprised of traditional and non‐traditional government contractors, small and large businesses ,for‐profit and not‐for‐profit entities, academic organizations, and their affiliated organizations to enter into the OTA to develop and mature technologies and support policy development to enable advanced approaches to electromagnetic spectrum use (including prototype projects). NSC was kick-started through a 5 year, $1.25 Billion, Section 815 Prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Emerging Capabilities and Prototyping (ODASD, EC&P).The OTA is entered into under the authority of the Department of Defense under 10U.S.C.§2371,Section 845 of the 1994 National Defense Authorization Act,P.L.103‐160, as amended by Section 241 of the FY1999 Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act, P.L.105‐261 and Section 822 of the FY2002 National Defense Authorization Act ,P.L.107‐107. National Spectrum Consortium is a research and development organization that incubates new technologies to revolutionize the way in which spectrum is utilized. Through collaboration between industry partners, academia and Government agencies, we solve the toughest problems the nation faces to enable spectrum co-existence and sharing. Technologies created by the NSC will make bi-directional and multi-directional spectrum sharing in federal and commercial bands, a new norm, hence eliminating a need to relocate systems. Through its advances in R&D on spectrum, NSC continues to provide leadership in spectrum development.

Currently recruiting a broad and diverse membership that includes representatives from large businesses, small businesses, “non-traditional” government contractors, academic research institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

The collaboration between industry and the Government will focus on four major activities:

  • Rapidly maturing and transitioning technologies that assist in improved electromagnetic spectrum awareness, sharing and use.
  • Experimentation to better inform the war fighter and commercial industry of the optimal allocation of those technologies for both public and private objectives.
  • Demonstration of new technologies to increase trust among spectrum stakeholders.
  • Policy development to ensure technologies don’t outplace the appropriate guidance for their best use.
  • Specific industry segments of interest include wireless technologies, radars and signal processing, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring and sensing.